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Bob Cat "Go Fish" Drawing!!

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Bob Cat "Go Fish" Drawing!!



  1. A Bass Cat, Bob Cat powered with a 150hp Mercury Motor will be given away in a “Go Fish” drawing after the registration of the LAND BIG FISH Tournament of Champions.
  2. Each member of a registered team into a Championship Week Event (the Silver Cup, the LAND BIG FISH Tournament of Champions, and the Bass Cat Classic) will receive ONE (1) FREE “Go Fish” ticket to become a contestant to play in the “Go Fish” drawing.
    1. The deck of “Go Fish” cards will include 24 “Go Fish” cards and 1 “Uncle Sam Bass” card for a total of 25 cards.
  3. The Sea Ark BC 190 “Go Fishing” drawing will be broadcast live Monday May 1, 2023, at 6:00pm (Central Standard Time) on the USA BASSIN Facebook page after registration of LAND BIG FISH Tournament of Champions.
  4. A single Chance Ticket will be drawn during the broadcast to determine a contestant to play in the Bob Cat “Go Fish” drawing.
    1. The contestant’s name will be announced during the live Broadcast.
    2. That contestant will get to draw a “Go Fish” card.
      1. He does not have to be present during the drawing.
    3. If the contestant is not present at the time of the drawing, we will attempt to reach them via cell phone number on the ticket.
    4. If we are unable to reach the contestant by phone, we will draw a card on their behalf. We will NOT wait until they call us back.
    5. If the contestant’s drawn card is the Uncle Sam Bass Card, they will win a SeaArk BC 190 powered with a 150hp Mercury Motor.
    6. If there is no winner, the card the contestant drew will NOT be returned to the deck. The above process will then be repeated until the “Uncle Sam Bass” card is drawn, and we have a winner.
  5. The “Go Fish” winner will not receive ownership of the Bass Cat, Bob Cat Bass Boat powered with a 150hp Mercury Motor until all USA BASSIN tax information has been provided.

Additional Chance Tickets can be bought for $5.00, and you can buy as many as you want.

Chance Tickets will also be available at the Silver Cup Registration and the LAND BIG FISH Tournament of Champions Registration.