Gator Grip

Black Weigh-in Bag with Mesh Insert

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*These are the only weigh-in bags allowed at USA BASSIN events. It is highly suggested that you purchase your own in order to avoid waiting in line to borrow one of ours.*

Black Bag

The Gator Grip GG-BAG-BLK is made right here in the U.S.A. from a 16 millimeter 2 layer Black Polyethylene with 1 layer of polyester reinforced mesh. We sew on  two 1" nylon carrying handle straps with reinforced stitching.  The tournament weigh in bags that will not rip and calm your fish. Do not take the chance of losing a days catch by putting your fish in a PVC China made bag..Bass Pro, Lew's or just about any other weigh in bag out there. Most of the current non zippered weigh in bags are imported from China and made from a softer PVC material that really will not resist a fin poke. The material we use has been around and proven itself since the late 1980's. If any of you remember the old Bag-em bags this is the same material.

Mesh Bag

We designed this bag back in 2006 and used it in combination with the GG-Mesh to help with the handling and shorten tournament weigh ins  and reduce the amount and time the fish were handled. I have been a avid tournament fisherman since 1984 and wanted to come up with a way to get the fish back in the water as quickly as possible.