All-Terrain Tackle

Welcome to All-Terrain Tackle! In continuing to provide our customers with the best possible product we can, take a closer look at some of the features that make our jigs the best on the market: 1. All of our jigs are powder painted, this is simply the toughest coating you can put on a chips..Ever! 2. Our top selling A.T. Jig and Grassmaster jigs come with Pro Tie - Hand Tied Skirts. The Pro Tie is the best jig skirt on the market. They are tied with unbreakable thread over a Silicone core (no rubber to dry out and break). 3. New for 2018 and standard on all of our jigs is the All-Terrain Tackle Trail R Loc system. Simply thread on your favorite jig trailer and pull the Trail R Loc back over the point of the hook through the hole that puts just a slight amount of tension on the trailer. No more adjusting or replacing worn plastics! Giving you many more casts in your day and saving you money on expensive trailers.