About Us


U.S.A. BASSIN is an amateur bass fishing tournament trail that promotes a family-friendly atmosphere where singles, teams, co-ed and youth can experience competitive angling at an affordable price.


U.S.A. BASSIN's vision is to provide fishing tournaments in every state across the country to become the leading amateur tournament trail.


  • Affordability. We value low membership and tournament fees to keep our trail affordable for anglers of all ages.
  • Family-friendly. We value a family-friendly atmosphere that promotes togetherness and fun for all those involved.
  • Fairness. We value fairness across all aspects of our organization to ensure everyone is treated equally and follows the rules.
  • Outreach. We value giving back to each community we partner with by promoting local shops and hotels in the area.
  • Conservation. We value the conservation of our resources and our sport, and have partnered with Protect The Harvest to help make this possible.


U.S.A. BASSIN offers low membership fees of $30.00 per adult and free to youth under the age of 18 before August 31st of every season. These memberships include the right to fish any U.S.A. BASSIN tournament for that season. Tournament entry fees start at $25.00 for a weeknight, and $50.00 for a weekend per boat/team. This makes U.S.A. BASSIN very affordable and fun for everyone!


U.S.A. BASSIN offers both open and member-only tournaments throughout the course of the season. Open tournaments allow anglers to test out the waters with U.S.A. BASSIN before jumping right into being a member. It is also a cheaper alternative because anglers do not have to pay membership fees to fish in these open tournaments.

Member-only tournaments, on the other hand, offer great opportunities that nonmembers cannot get. For instance, members fish for points that qualify them for Classic Week and a chance at winning a brand new boat! Members also have the chance at winning other prizes and awards that are not available for nonmembers.


Teams may consist of one person or a maximum of two persons. All teams that finish the season with 250 points or more in the National Point Standings shall be eligible to fish a U.S.A. BASSIN Regional Tournament of their choice and may fish in more than one Regional Tournament. If you are fishing more than one division and qualified for a USA BASSIN Regional Tournament using two different partners, you may choose which partner you wish to take to the Regional Tournament. The other partner may fish a U.S.A. BASSIN Regional Tournament solo or you may fish in another Regional using that partner.

Next Generation Teams:

Next Generation Teams may consist of either an adult and a youth or two youths (one of the youth’s must be at least 16 years of age or older). All Next Generation teams that finish the season with 150 points or more in the National Point Standings shall be eligible to fish in The Next Generation Classic event. Teams that finish the Season with 250 points or more shall be eligible to fish both the Next Generation Classic and the Regional event of their choice.

Co-Ed Teams:

Teams consisting of a male/female participant will be a Co-Ed. Team All Co-Ed teams that finish the season with 150 points or more in the National Point Standings shall be eligible to fish in The Co-Ed Classic event. Teams that finish the Season with 250 points or more shall be eligible to fish both the Co-Ed Classic and a Regional event of their choice.


U.S.A BASSIN got their start in 2003 when Indiana firefighter, Kevin Yeary, observed that the fishing industry was lacking on affordable and family-friendly tournament trails. At the time, the economy had been through several small recessions. During these hard times, Kevin noticed that fewer anglers were spending their extra income on fishing tournament trails. Therefore, U.S.A. BASSIN needed to come up with an idea to get anglers fishing again and save them money at the same time. This lead to the organization becoming founded on the motto “Spend Less, Fish More & Win More”

At their start, they only had 60 members across three states. By 2005, they hit the 500 mark and were operating in five states. Two years later in 2007, their growth increased to 1500 members and 280 events in nine states. The growth continued through 2009 to over 3400 members and over 500 events in 17 states. Since then, their growth has continued uphill and shows no signs of slowing down.

U.S.A. BASSIN would like to personally invite you to become a part of the excitement by becoming member of our organization to see how tournament fishing is supposed to be! Anglers are assured a chance at winning prizes and having fun during the course of the season. Nationally and locally, U.S.A. BASSIN has partnered with many companies who believe in U.S.A. BASSIN's goals and mission to make these prizes possible.

Please feel free to visit our website and register to become a member today!

Thank you from all of us at U.S.A. Bassin. See you on the water!

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Bedford, IN 47421